3 Important Tips Relating To Your Will

2 September 2019
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Most people know that having a will is extremely important, yet many people either do not have a will or forget to update it on a regular basis. A will is only as good as what it currently says, and you should realize that there are things you should do when you prepare it and to keep it up to date. Here are three important tips to think about if you need a will or have not updated your will in a long time. Read More 

Can Co-Signing A Debt Affect Your Ability To Get A Mortgage?

14 February 2018
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Many people don't think twice about helping out a family member or friend by co-signing credit cards and loans with them. If you're in the process of buying a home, however, you may want to avoid committing to this type of financial transaction and/or have your name removed from accounts that are already outstanding because being a cosigner can affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage. Here's what you need to know about this issue. Read More 

What Every Military Parent Needs To Know: If Your Servicemember Gives Their All

13 September 2017
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Casualty notification officers (CNO) inform military family members when their loved ones have given their all. Military spouses and children are all too familiar with the appearance of a CNO arriving at someone's home. But many servicemembers are not married and have no children; therefore, their parents are the next of kin. Unless military parents have themselves been in the military, they may not have any idea of what to do or the special challenges that are faced when a military member passes away. Read More 

3 Reasons Real Estate Left In A Will Does Not End Up In The Hands Of The Intended Recipient

7 May 2017
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As a responsible adult, you will do everything in your power to ensure the property that you have worked hard to obtain gets left to a deserving party once you are gone. While you may go through the trouble of making a will and even talking to an an attorney, there could be things that get in the way of the property you leave behind ever being taken over by the person you intended. Read More 

Why You Need A Lawyer If You Are Selling A House On Contract

4 May 2017
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Selling a house on contract is an alternative way to sell a house, and this method can be a good financial move in many cases. Before you rush into, though, you should seek advice from a real estate lawyer. The lawyer is likely to talk to you about the following three things before you go through with this, and these are all important things to know. The risks you take with this Read More